Social Work Services Lincolnshire UK


Independent Expert Assessments

  • Expert Assessments of Children and Families –IFS uses a range of tools to provide high quality assessments that allow parents, carers, the Courts and other agencies to make appropriate decisions. Our assessments are evidence based with research and theory referenced as appropriate. All assessments are rigorously quality assessed to ensure a balanced report…READ MORE…
  • Parenting Assessments with Consideration of any Special Needs – The assessment of children with disabilities must address the needs of the parents and carers. Good practice is also underpinned by an approach to parenting and learning disability which addresses needs relating to both impairment and the disabling barriers of unequal access and negative attitudes…READ MORE…
  • Pre-birth Parenting Assessments –IFS can provide specialist expertise in assessing parenting competencies of mothers to be.…READ MORE…
  • Social Work Assessment of Attachment Relationships – Assessment of attachment within families is particularly helpful in providing powerful clues about the links between parents’ relationship histories, the quality of their parenting and their children’s behaviour and functioning. It also leads to greater understanding of the impact of individual family members’experience of relationships upon their self confidence, self esteem and self efficacy and their future relationships…READ MORE…
  • Kinship (inc Special Guardianship, Fostering and Adoption) and Viability Assessments –A professional assessment for Panels and the Courts matching the needs of the child with the parenting expertise of family and friends. Where there is a possibility that a child may not be able to remain in the care of their parents it is necessary to consider who else might be able to adequately meet their needs…READ MORE…
  • Risk Assessments of Alleged/Convicted Adult Sex Offenders and/or their Partners – IFS is specialist in this field of risk assessment.
  • Non-offending Carer Risk Assessment
  • Assessments where there has been Sexual, Physical, Emotional Abuse and/or Neglect

Intervention Work

  • Parenting skills - Where children have been separated from their parents or carers it is important to ensure that support needs are identified prior to family reunification, to avoid reoccurrence of family breakdown in the future. Following a thorough assessment of their parenting ability, IFS will work directly with carers to monitor their progress during a programme designed to meet identified needs.  In situations where lack of progress prevents re-unification from going ahead, IFS can provide additional input to support carers through the separation process in order to minimise the negative impact on the child.…READ MORE…
  • Work with Non-Abusing Carers 
  • Direct Work with Children – Skilled and experienced social workers are available to support children who have experienced trauma in their lives helping them to come to terms with their experiences. Assessments are undertaken of child attachments with parents, carers and sibling and in consultation with frontline support staff strategies are designed to help strengthen the security of these attachments.
  • Specifically Designed Interventions for Family Reunification – Where children have been separated from their parents or carers it is important to ensure that support needs are identified prior to family re-unification, to avoid reoccurrence of  family breakdown in the future.…READ MORE…


  • Social Work Training – IFS can draw upon a wide range of skills and expertise to design and deliver specifically tailored training to practitioners and managers, carers and other professionals. We offer training in all areas of child and family welfare ranging from low level child in need (including CAF) through to children in public care, for single agency or multi-agency groups. Specialisations include child protection, attachments,  assessment of sex offending and developing the use of analysis within the assessment process. Training courses are designed and developed to meet specific individual or organisational needs and can be booked as ‘one off’ or a series of training events. IFS Training Courses include:
  • Developing Skills in Assessment and Analysis – 1 day
  • Developmental Attachment Theory – 1 day / 3 days
  • Awareness / Assessment of Alleged and Convicted Sex Offenders and their Families – 1 day / 7 days
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours in Children and Young People – 1 day
  • Child Development – 1 day
  • Child Protection – 1 day
  • Recording, Report Writing and Presentation Skills – 1 day / 3 days


Consultancy / Research

  • A range of skills and expertise are offered to deliver effective consultancy, looking at long term solutions for groups and individuals in all aspects of social work.
  • Individual case consultation is available utilising relevant theory, knowlege and expertise.
  • The partnership has expertise in designing and completing research programmes, using relevant statistical procedures to investigate all areas of child welfare.