Social Work Services Lincolnshire UK


IFS provides independent social services drawn for clients from across the legal profession, local authorities and social work organisations.

What They Say:

“The Judge relied heavily on Alison’s evidence which he found to be compelling. The Local Authority’s barrister also told me that Alison has been a very impressive witness; by far the best Independent Social Worker that he has seen give evidence.” Solicitor

“I thought the parenting assessment and protective carer assessment reports were excellent” Local Authority Solicitor

“Last week I attended the above training with IFS. I found this training to be extremely useful, well delivered and very relevant to my practice. Their enthusiasm for the subject and their extensive experience of working with families made the training very engaging and thought provoking. I know that I will be able to work with families more effectively having attended this training and will be recommending it to all my colleagues. I particularly appreciated the reference to, and the value of preventative work and of early years training for those who are working to improve outcomes for young children and families.”  Social Care Worker

“I am very appreciative of the upcoming consultation days and will find these extremely useful in putting theory into practice and keeping attachment as the basis for much of my work.”Social Worker

“Initial contact was good with IFS; standard of parenting assessment was excellent and accompanying report clear as to the outcome and the recommendations”Solicitor

“We had the presentations today from our PQ students and you will be pleased to know that your model was referred to in all the presentations in a relevant and useful way. Another student told me this afternoon that she found your session so useful that she has been working with the model with one of her families, and says it makes so much more sense!!”  Lincoln University Lecturer

“IFS provides an excellent professional service at a reasonable cost. IFS are often instructed by Lincolnshire County Council to carry out independent social work assessments, and instructed regularly by parties jointly in care proceedings. Their work is highly regarded by Lincoln County Court and professionals and Solicitors in the Lincolnshire area. They are approachable and friendly, whilst also delivering a highly efficient and professional service.”    Solicitor, Legal Services Lincolnshire

“We found your lecture and the notes very interesting and useful and we have used your approach to form part of our assessed practice presentation” I have used this in my practice and it has given me personally a better insight.”Social Worker