Social Work Services Lincolnshire UK

About Us

Partners Alison Boardman and Victoria Robinson, both successful independent social workers, began working together in 2011 to provide a broad range of social work services direct to Solicitors, Local Authorities and other Family Service Providers. Keeping overheads to a minimum IFS ensures value for clients and fair remuneration for practitioners.

All Associates are experienced social workers who are rigorously checked for the quality of their expertise, safety of their practice and who consider the child’s welfare as paramount. IFS matches client requirements with practitioner expertise to provide a prompt and professional service.


Alison Boardman is a qualified social worker who is also trained in forensic psychology.  She has 14 years experience of child protection in Local Authority prior to becoming an independent worker.  Since becoming independent, she has completed in excess of 100 assessments of children and families within the court process, designed, written and published the ‘Integrated Family Assessment of Adult Male Sex Offenders’, has designed and delivered training in child protection, sex offending and analysis within assessment.  She is experienced at assessing alleged and convicted sex offenders and their families.

Victoria Robinson is a qualified social worker with 10 years experience, including many years of Local Authority work with Children and Families in a variety of roles including Social Worker and Team Manager. She has completed in excess of 100 assessments of children and families within the court process, representing the Local Authority and as an independent practitioner; she has particular experience in complex care proceedings involving sexual abuse, physical abuse, serious non-accidental injuries and after the suspicious death of a child. Victoria also has extensive experience of working with children who, for welfare reasons, require secure accommodation; have experienced organised sexual exploitation; and children with attachment disorders.

Both Founders are experienced in assessing parents with learning difficulties utilising specialised assessment procedures.